The Bubble Room-Orange Crunch Cake

Another restaurant we visited while on vacation was The Bubble Room. This restaurant is actually in Captiva, which was a short drive from where we were staying in Sanibel.


From all I read online, this is pretty well known restaurant. It does seem to be a love it of hate it type of place though. After reading lots and lots of reviews the one thing that got consistent good reviews were the cakes. Now I am a huge lover of sweets. I love cookies, cakes, ice cream and pretty much anything with a cup of sugar and stick of butter in it.

After taking into consideration all of the reviews, I decided our best decision would be to just stop in for desert. I was very excited to learn that we could order the desert to go. No reason to wait an hour for a table just to eat some cake.

Upon arriving to the restaurant we found out just how bad the parking can be. I think we arrived around 6:30pm. It felt like  every parking spot within a one mile radius was taken. Luckily we finally did find a spot and made our way to the restaurant. It was indeed very busy that night, with lots of families waiting outside to be seated.

We made our way into the restaurant and found the take out counter immediately on the left when we entered. (Due to all of the people heading in and out of the restaurant I was unable to take a peek of the restaurant like I had originally hoped.) We quickly ordered what seemed to be the most talked about cake online. The Orange Crunch Cake. Now I will be honest all of the cakes looked absolutely amazing but at something like 7.00 a slice and 800 calories a bite, you gotta be choosy.

We took our cake outside to enjoy. The cakes wrapping wasn’t anything fancy. Paper plate with saran wrap….fine by me I’m no Mrs. Fancy Pants.


Now what you have been waiting for…the first bite. Oh my goodness. It was AMAZING. After that one bite our original plan of just taking a few bites and saving the rest for later nearly went out the window. It was just too good.

Now I’m sure the Bubble Room will not love this comparison but for me it was like eating an orange hostess cupcake and multiplying the yumminess by 100.

We were able to eventually stop eating and did save a few crumbs for later :).


My final thoughts: We will be back to the Bubble Room on future vacations. I can’t imagine the other deserts tasting as heavenly as the Orange Crunch cake….but I am up to the challenge of trying them all.

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