Pinocchio’s Italian Ice Cream

My Sanibel restaurant reviews continue….

As I’ve stated probably 100+ times, I am a huge fan of all things sweet. This of course includes ice cream. Soft serve, custard, gelato, a regular scoop from a big ole tub of ice cream…I love them all. With this in mind finding some yummy ice cream on vacation was a must 🙂

After just a few searches, a clear winner came into view. Visiting Pinocchio’s Italian Ice Cream would become a must do.


Pinocchio’s Italian Ice Cream is located right on Periwinkle Way which is the main road where most restaurants are located. When we pulled up, there was already a line starting to go out the door. Considering it was super hot out, I wasn’t surprised.

It actually took us quite a while to decide on what to order. There were a few flavors we wanted to try so we decided to order a large (3 scoop) ice cream bowl. Hubby would have loved a waffle cone but, with that heat it just wasn’t happening, it would have been a melted mess all over our laps.

The three flavors we decided on were: Sanibel Krunch, Dirty Sand Dollar, and Butter Pecan…which I believe is seasonal?



Once we got this bowl of yumminess we decided to head outside and find a bench on the porch to dig in.

World Famous Sanibel Krunch-  This was pretty good. The websites describes it as follows: Vanilla ice cream with toasted coconut enrobed in Chocolate and Gourmet Mixed Nuts. This is a fair description. We enjoyed it but it didn’t have any wow.  I will admit I’m not a huge coconut fan so this may play a part in my review.

Dirty Sand Dollar-Caramel based ice cream with malted milk balls “whoppers” & chocolate flakes. I was shocked I didn’t love this. Okay that was TOTAL sarcasm. Truth be told I do not like caramel or whoppers and I’m not really a huge fan of bits of plain chocolate.  With that said, why on earth did I order this? They told me it was a favorite and I knew my husband would like it. The good news is that he did indeed really like it, so if you are a fan of said ingredients you will love it. If you do not like the ingredients you wont… shocker I know. And you are welcome for reviewing this flavor.

Butter Pecan-Overall I would rate this ice cream pretty well. I think my husband would rate it super duper great becasue the flavors were more up his alley. Maybe I just need to kick my cookie dough and reese cup obsession to the side and get some grown up ice cream taste 🙂

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot how could anyone not love these awesome trash cans. Normally throwing away an empty ice cream bowl makes me sad, but throwing it away in these awesome trash cans left me with a smile.



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