Orange Cake Recipe Review

I needed a cake for my sisters birthday a few days ago so I began searching for the perfect one. I knew I didn’t want to make a typical cake because she isn’t a fan of icing or traditional birthday cake. Instead I wanted to make something light and fresh. Enter Orange Cake.  I looked at a few pinterest but ultimately decided on this one on allrecipes.

I did make a few substitutions:

Vanilla Pudding instead of lemon

Added pure orange extract instead of lemon


In the end I would say I was satisfied with the overall cake but not wowed. I would in no way compare it to the Orange Crunch Cake we had in Captiva at The Bubble Room….it doesn’t even come close. Mine seemed a bit dry because I got nervous about it not being done enough and left it in the oven a little longer. (bad idea. I also may have done something wrong with the glaze because it never really hardened like I had hoped it would.

Conclusions-It may have been better if I wouldn’t have over baked it, and maybe having some of the lemon flavor would have gave it a little bit of zip and freshness I was looking for.


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