Dolce Tesoro – Simply Cupcakes

I am pretty happy to wrap up these Sanibel reviews it feels like they are all I seem to write about (which is kinda true after so little posts I have…haha) Anyways! I am pretty excited to write this post. It was by far the best place we ate while on our Sanibel vacation. I didn’t get the best pics but be assured that this place it AMAZING. I was totally blown away by the service. It is by far the best service I have EVER gotten at any restaurant…period.

Dolce Tesoro – Simply Cupcakes- Yep, a small cupcake shop in a small shopping center knocked the socks off all the other places we ate it 🙂

This was a must must do for me on our trip, because hello I love anything sweet (esp. cupcakes) and second it was rated #1 on tripadvisor.

Upon entering, Dave (he and his wife own the business) greeted us and made us feel welcomed answering all of our questions and telling us all everything they had to offer. I could write a 5 page paper telling you about how kind and just down right nice this guy was, but I’m sure you anxious to hear about all the yummy goodness.

The Sanibel Key Lime- *Their websites description- This paradise offering matches a sour cream cake with freshly prepared key lime curd, white Italian buttercream, and is topped with grated lime zest and graham cracker crumbs.  This is our “signature” cupcake.


This was light fresh and well amazing. I can totally see why this is one of their best sellers. The curd was amazing and the buttercream wasn’t too rich. Seriously YUM!

The Funky Monkey- *Their website description Moist banana cake, creamy peanut butter filling.Topped with chocolate ganache and peanut buttercream. Banana chip garnish


Now I’m not gonna lie. This one was just okay for me. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate ganache, which I knew was on it but decided to go for it anyway because I love me some peanut butter filling and peanut butter buttercream. Even with the ganache, I still really enjoyed it.

We also enjoyed a coffee (hubby not me) and a small serving of Queenies cinnamon icecream. Both of which were great.


As you can obviously tell I would totally recommend this place to all my friends and would have loved to go again if we would have found it before our last day on the island.

Before I close I have to share the story that shows just how wonderful the owner Dave was to us. I didnt mention earlier that we arrived RIGHT at closing time. He had literally just locked the door when we walked up. I was a bit dissapointed and looked at the hours for the next day. He saw us looking and came in and offered to let us come in anways. (Yes, I get that we are paying customers so it would be silly to turn us away, but I’m sure many other business owners would have done this anyway just to put an end to their day.) Not only did he let us in he also made us feel 100% welcomed despite it being closing time. Through all of his descriptions and just general conversation you could really get a feel for how passionate he was for his business. After placing our order we went outside to sit down and enjoy.

After about 10 minutes of enjoying our cupcakes, icecream and coffee,  Dave walked out with a bottle of water for us saying, “I’m not saying our cupcakes are dry but I thought you might enjoy some water with your treats.” I was in awe yet again. It’s the small things that makes a business successful and this place know that. Great treats and customer service…we will be back


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