Island Cow- Sanibel Florida

I really need to get a move on with these Sanibel restaurant reviews so I can start with our Orlando reviews from our September trip.

Next up : The Island Cow

Another restaurant that kept getting recommended on Sanibel was the Island Cow. It was on my must do list and I was very anxious to give it a try.

The location is right on Periwinkle along with most of the restaurants on the island. Upon driving up I could tell that it was a relaxing and fun place to have dinner. It wasn’t too busy when we arrived (around 5pm) and we were seated immediately.


There was one thing that we were really looking forward to eating here tonight, the deep alligator bites. Unfortunately, we were greeted by this sign when we walked in so we knew that wouldn’t be happening. Spoiler- (We finally got to try gator on our last Orlando trip)


After looking at the menu I decided on one of  the “Waterside Fun Sandwiches” that came with fries and slaw. I honestly can’t remember if it was the Flounder or Swordfish bronzed. My memory is telling me swordfish…but I could definitely be wrong. Either way it was amazing. I absolutely loved it.


Not one for seafood my husband ordered the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. It was pretty much your basic pulled pork but he really enjoyed it and it was huge 🙂


I highly recommend this restaurant. The food was great and the menu is huge. So there is tons to try. We will be back on our future trips

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