Basic Granola Recipe

Good Morning and happy Tuesday 🙂 Today I want to share a basic granola recipe I found on pinterest. This Christmas I wanted to make a gift for loved ones that was a little bit healthier than cookies because we all know that by January 1st we have all hit sugar overload. I quickly came to the decision of granola. I love granola and find that most other people do as well.

I haven’t taken the time to test out alot of recipes to find out which I like best since I just started making it homemade in the last few months but I have had lots of success with this recipe and keep going back to it. It is pretty basic (as stated in the title..haha) and uses ingredients I already have on hand.

The most important thing is not to burn your granola. This is very easy for me to do because it seems to happen so quickly. Take it out right as it stars to golden and be sure to flip it as the recipe states. Also keep in mind that your granola will harden as it cools 🙂

CHANGES TO RECIPE :The only change I made with this recipe is using canola oil instead of vegetable oil and it turned out great. *I also just recently made it without any brown sugar to try to make it a bit healthier and still love it…although the other version was a bit closer to what you would buy at the store.

I simply put the granola in old peanut butter jars tied a bow around and voila a wonderful yummy gift was made.

DSC_3670 DSC_3679

What store favorites have you started making at home?



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